Monday, August 3, 2015

The Hoojoo Hiatus

So you might be wondering where I’ve been. Oh boy, dear reader… have I got a tale for you.

There are a few reasons why I got so behind in writing. One of them was school (turns out taking a Linguistic Anthropology, Fantasy Literature, and World Literature class all at the same time means you’ll be reading… a lot). Another was the site- which I poured all remaining energy into. And lastly, there was the subreddit I moderate, r/SkincareAddiction (which went sorely neglected once the site popped up in October).

Three weeks ago was my Spring Break and I was planning on writing up a large backlog of posts so I could have things to start posting through the rest of the semester. I started a guide to dark circles (and their treatment), some product reviews, and even a guide to the multistep Asian Beauty process. Well all that got shit on right in the face 2 days before my Spring Break was to officially start when it came to light that the website I had been spending so much time on… was actually much different than I thought it was. Essentially, I had been lied to by the people in charge.

Turns out that the affiliate links that I had been told made very little money to cover server costs actually made far, far more money (I won’t be giving exact numbers in the interest of privacy, but needless to say, I could have bought a brand new car with the kind of money the site was pulling in). Further, a price sheet was leaked from a PR company to me personally, illustrating that those in charge were asking companies for even more money.

It’s ridiculous right? I mean look at that (click to read it in the original size). And I had no idea- no one who wasn’t part of the “inner circle” had any idea this was happening. But here’s the kicker: all the traffic the site received was a direct result of the subreddit. And making money off of a subreddit is against reddit’s TOS. So those who were affiliated with this were banned from reddit and now I was in charge of the subreddit.

I spent the first 5 days of my Spring Break adding back all my old mod friends (who those in charge had deleted for absolutely no reason), explaining to the entire subreddit what happened and what I knew (and apologizing for not doing something sooner), and cleaning up the sub. All of this work -this ongoing work- ate up my Spring Break. So I didn’t even have the chance to write my planned backlog.

There is a silver lining though! With the site gone, I’ll have more time for my precious, precious blog. And! Since I have such an amazing mod team helping me through all of this, I have even more time. Granted, I have finals coming up (and there’s no help for that- drat), but I also have a lot more leisure time to work on something I love.

Raising Maya's level in Borderlands 2! :D

Hahahaha obviously I mean my Hoojoo. So in the upcoming weeks, I will be deleting some old posts that were 99% affiliated with the site as well as scrubbing links to the site. Also I have blog posts that were on the site that I will instead be posting here in the coming weeks. So lots of content is heading your way, I promise you.

Aaaaand that’s what I’ve been up to. ^___^

If you have any questions for me, please ask away. I will answer them as honestly as I can. Otherwise, have a sexy, beautiful weekend.

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