Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Cleanser Suggestions (Mega Post)

Hey babes. I’m trying to be way more frequent in my posting. Maybe I’m being successful?

Anyway, midterms are mad cray- so I decided to make y’all another cheat sheet! :D Fabulous, right? This time, let’s talk about some cleansers recommendations.

Type of Cleanser
What it Does
Best Suited Skin Types
Product Suggestions
Makeup Remover
(usually you’ll want to use another cleanser after this)
Removes makeup gently so you don’t have to cleanse a million times to finally ‘feel’ clean.
All (yes, even men- makeup removers are great for removing grime like sunscreen)
Foaming Cleanser
Bubbles up with surfactants and synthetic detergents ('syndet's). The problem with foaming cleansers is some of them can be at a very high pH- which dries out skin and damages it over time.
Oily, Combination, and Normal
Cream Cleanser
Like smoothing a lotion on to your skin, cream cleansers are a widely available and gentle cleansing option. If you find you have grime post cleanse, you might want to consider using a makeup remover like a micellar water.
All; Dry skin will love creamy cleanses in lieu of foaming ones. You might think that sucking every ounce of oil out of skin is a great idea, but truly- skin should be treated like fine silk. Be gentle.
Cleansing Balm
This cleanser comes in a hard (looking) balm. Like a candle in a jar, almost. But then you scoop up a bit in your hands, rub it together and it becomes a fabulous, gentle oil. It rinses cleanly with the help of emulsifiers and your skin will love it.
All; Acneic and aching skin will benefit a great deal from the gentle cleansing of a balm or oil.
Cleansing Oil
These are simply oils mixed with an emulsifier. Smooth on to your skin, rub gently, and rinse. Bam! Completely clean and gentle. Thanks science.
All - especially sensitive skin types; Cleansing Oils and Balms are especially gentle for overworked skin.

In case you missed it, I already did a super in depth article on cleansers on skincare-addiction. But I realized- holy dang, I never gave you guys product suggestions. Cleansing is pretty got’dang important when it comes to skincare. So lemme break it down real easy and give you some wonderful suggestions. Who doesn’t love that?

Every suggestion I've given is as gentle as possible, but cleansing oils and balms are typically seen as the most gentle options. You can even make your own with an oil your skin loves (like hemp seed or safflower oil) and an emulsifying agent (like polysorbate 80).

If you find that my suggestions are not available easily in your country, please leave a comment in the doobly-doo. I will try my best to find something suitable for you. Kisses my dears. ❤ I deeply love all of my loyal followers. Truly I do. You’re the magic in my coffee.

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