Friday, June 20, 2014

Wuuuuut Social Media???

Aww yeah chickies & fellas. I made a Twitter. Now go and follow me and laugh at me being snarky and telling bad jokes. CLEEEEEEEEEEEK ME.

Like: What did batman say to Robin?

"Get in the car, Robin."

Eh? EH? Ehhh, I'm funny.

Oh the real, I'll have dumb jokes and life stuff and blog updates and, uhm, pictures of my cats. ChowChow is real cute and Hector is a handsome prince. Just look at my sweet Chow-

She's the real draw.

[It's totally barebones, but I'll be fancy-ing it up over the weekend. Also I'll be posting there when I update. So that's kinda important, haha.]

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